Bowen Family Systems Clinical Seminars of Kansas City

Bowen Family Systems Clinical Seminars of Kansas City

  • Educational and clinical training program
  • Forum for the ongoing study of Bowen family systems theory

                          This theoretical perspective, developed by Murray Bowen, MD, espouses the view that the human family functions as an emotional unit which influences individual behavior and development.  By understanding the theoretical underpinnings of how relationships operate within a system, one can view human dilemmas differently.  This, in turn, may allow one to be more thoughtful and less automatically reactive when facing relationship challenges.  How one thinks about the human phenomenon can radically influence one’s personal and professional functioning.

                  Bowen family systems is unique in the field of human behavior insofar as it is grounded in the natural sciences and extends beyond the study of the family to include all natural systems.  As such, the study of the theory is also relevant to understanding more about the functioning of work, organizational, and biological systems.


Clinical Training



Peg Donley, LSCSW

Carroll Hoskins, LSCSW